SweHeat & Cooling

Sweheat & Cooling är det svenska rådet för fjärrvärme och kyla som marknadsför svensk teknik internationellt.

Logotyp, SweHeat & Cooling

During the last decades, Sweden has achieved substantial reductions of CO2-emissions, while maintaining high and sustainable economic growth. The main explanation is found in the nationwide expansion of efficient district district heating and cooling derived from non-fossil energy sources. Today, more than 60 % of all Swedish homes and commercial buildings are heated by district heating and the Swedish model is being implemented successfully in countries all over the world.

Sweheat & Cooling – The Swedish Council for District Heating & Cooling – was established in 1993. Ever since, our member companies have been instrumental in the global evolution of efficient and sustainable district heating and cooling infrastructure. Our basic mission: Holding their products, services and experience readily available to planners, decision-makers, consultants and constructors world wide.