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december 2020

Ecosummit Berlin on Zoom

You’re welcome to join our 8th Ecosummit Zoom on 2 December 2020 and get ready for exciting innovation stories and a motivating preview of our 100% s…

BioDriv Tinget 2020

BioDriv Tinget är mötesplatsen och kunskapskällan för omställningen till fossilfria transporter i östra Mellansverige och Stockholmsregionen.

WindEnergy in Hamburg

The globally leading trade fair in Hamburg goes digital.

november 2020

Region's Leading Water and Wastewater Event for Developing Asia

With the strong economic growth within the region, Southeast Asia is going through a transformation phase to enhance its water and wastewater industr…

Biofuture Summit II and BBEST2020

The BBEST science conference and the 20-country Biofuture Platform multilateral initiative have joined forces to bring you the combined Biofuture Sum…