Global Innovation Index 2018

The Global Innovation Index (GII) Energizing the World with Innovation, provides detailed metrics about the innovation performance of 126 countries which represent 90.8 percent of the world’s population and 96.3 percent of global GDP.

Its 80 indicators explore a broad vision of innovation, including political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication.

Sweden ranked 3rd, remaining the top Nordic economy.

About Sweden

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Sweden moves down to the 3rd position this year, albeit remaining the top Nordic economy in the GII 2018. It ranks among the top 10 in all pillars except for Market sophistication (12th) where it loses two positions since last year. Sweden also ranks lower in Human capital and research (7th) and Business sophistication (5th).

As a result of these downward movements, its rank in the Innovation Input Sub-Index moves down from the 2nd to the 3rd position. Its Innovation Output Sub-Index remains stable at the 3rd spot.

Indeed, on the output side, Sweden gains five positions in Creative outputs (6th) and keeps its 3rd spot in Knowledge and technology outputs. In the former, it shows a remarkable improvement in Online creativity, where it ranks 3rd globally.

Other sub-pillars where Sweden makes onsiderable progress are Ecological sustainability (12th, up by eight positions) and Trade, competition, and market scale (24th, up four). At the indicator level, the country keeps its 1st position in PCT patent applications by origin and gains a 1st rank in IP receipts and rule of law.

Finally, and as in previous years, areas of weakness include pupil-teacher ratio, GDP per unit of energy use, ease of getting credit, GERD financed by abroad, FDI inflows, and productivity growth.

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