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Gas Purification Systems Will Need to Grow Alongside Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is commonly used in industry as a fuel or as an input in chemicals production. Its demand is growing as its popularity for fuel and energy storage continues to increase, however, constraints on supply chains and markets are known. Corrosion, leakage, performance, and monitoring accuracy are a handful of the issues the existing value chain has today. Innovators are largely taking on each issue individually. As hydrogen technologies continue to see uptake, demand for gas purifiers will grow in tandem.

Divigas addresses hydrogen losses common in industrial separation with a polymeric membrane. The APAC Cleantech 25 company developed a hydrogen separation membrane which removes sulphites and contaminants, increases heat resistance and lifecycle. For distributed hydrogen users such as the trucking sector, refueling remains costly and economies of scale are also essential. Demand will only increase as new hydrogen production processes have massive purification needs. Purification of hydrogen and other gas streams has drawn the attention of major chemicals producers and even NASA.

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