Juni 2018
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  • Qingdao International Water Conference

    Qingdao International Conference on Desalination and Water Reuse is a high-end international academic and technical pageant.
    The conference provides a platform to solve global water resources problems. Entrepreneurs, experts and professors will gather together to share achievements and experiences, exchange advanced technologies and new ideas, response to challenge and explore opportunities. Meanwhile leaders from central government and water industry will be invited to make high level presentation on development trend and the 13th 5-year national plan on utilization of alternative water resources.

    Plats: Qingdao, China
    Datum: 26 juni
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  • Skype webinar: Energy Sector Potential in Indonesia

    To help Swedish companies in the area of sustainable energy to grow on the Indonesian market Team Sweden - Swedish Energy Agency together with Business Sweden Jakarta - Business Accelerator Program has initiated a business support program.The programme also includes the support from Indonesian Business organisation.
    During the webinar you will beupdated with the current Indonesia energy sector potential which include the situation, the regulation and including the next visit to Indonesia market.You can also give your feedback and valuable inputs regarding the Business Accelerator Programme Indonesia, BAP project and the 2nd visit that being plan to be at September, 2018.
    Please save the date on your calendar, and we will come back to you with the presentation materialThe meeting is organized by Team Sweden - Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden Jakarta - Business Accelerator Program.Information about the Business Accelerator Programme Indonesialänk till annan webbplats

    Plats: Skype webinar
    Datum: 28 juni
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